6 Strategies for Choosing the Best Product to Sell Online

It a no-brainer that having a great product to sell is an important part of any online business venture. However, the biggest challenge for many beginner online sellers is choosing which products to sell. This is because coming up with product ideas can be a daunting and challenging task and they might feel that every field has been explored. However, if you know where to set your eyes on, there are tons of product opportunities out there to choose from.

Here is a rundown on 5 strategies to help you come up with a product to sell online:

Choose a popular and profitable niche in the e-commerce space

Perform a rigorous analysis of the profit margins in different niches. A profit margin is the amount a seller earns after deducting all expenses involved. Some niches are more profitable than others, and it defeats the purpose to venture into online selling by going for products that have the lowest profit margin.

You can determine the popularity of a niche by searching products using keyword phrases that are high in volume and have low to medium competition. To put it simply, determine the best product based on what people are searching for in Google. The best tool to search for product keywords is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool helps you ascertain how many searches are made for a particular product’s keyword and the level of competition. You can then choose a product to sell based on keyword volume and level of competition. Don't forget that you also need a good platform to sell products online, this is key to make it easy for customers to buy. You can checkout Shopify, they are known to provide great customer service and give you all the tools to build your ecommerce.

Get under the customer’s skins to sell online

This involves getting a comprehensive understanding of your potential customers, curating an exceptional brand and establishing a special spot in your customers’ minds. Look for products in your niche that offer a sense of originality and uniqueness. For instance, if you decide to sell IPad cases, look for those created using traditional or handcrafted techniques that appeal to the modern day consumer. This way, you could sell even in an extremely crowded and competitive space.

Pinpoint customers’ pain areas

by checking out the comment sections in different online stores

Pinpointing customers’ pain points is a great way to come up with a product that will sell online. Go on a research spree and determine specific concerns customers have with, say, IPad cases. For instance, customers may be raising concerns with the cost and durability. Understanding this will allow you to find an IPad case that is fairly priced and long lasting to cure the pain points of these customers. This technique will help you sell easily and fast.

Determine customers’ passions in the e-commerce circle

Statistics have shown that when customers are passionate about something, they are likely to spend more money on it. For example, if you realize that your customer demographic is passionate about Mac computers, suffice to venture into selling this kind of computer. You’ll find that customers will buy your Mac computers regardless of price, allowing you to make decent cash off them each month

Take advantage of your experience

to create a formidable business online

You may have worked in a certain industry and know the ins and outs, or you have a unique skill. That, out rightly, makes you an expert in the area. Turning your expertise into a product is an effective way to enter the online selling circle with a leg up. If you’re a skilled writer in a particular field, you can write ebooks and sell them on platforms like Amazon and eBay. This can guarantee passive income each month, and you could earn money for the rest of your life.


Keep these strategies in your back pocket when thinking about which product to sell online, and you’ll set yourself on the path to success in online selling. If you’re passionate, hungry and hardworking, then selling products online will be a stroll in the park.




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